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Today's fast-paced lifestyle and erratic environment are contributing to a weakened immune system, triggering more dis-ease and chronic skin conditions. Because the skin is the second largest immune organ and is capable of absorbing many environmental toxins, including potentially harmful xenoestrogens from topical skincare, it has become increasingly important to be conscious of what we expose our skin to.

Our plight goes far beyond the surface of the skin. Chronic skin conditions can be genetic but can also be created or perpetuated by a stressed mind or a process in the body that has gone awry. Any wrinkle, blemish, flush, or sudden sensitivity may be reflections of what is happening down deep. Experts are linking skin dis-ease with underlying health issues caused by different imbalances in the body, especially hormonal imbalance.

With the goal of raising more awareness around women’s health and dis-ease, our forum is a work in progress that allows you to gather and share information so that we can build better tools in creating more awareness for improved health, balance and quality of life. We are working diligently to unite a vast community of medical and wellness experts in hopes of providing solutions that are more viable and treatment options for those of us who suffer silently or have yet to find the right path to better and sustained health.

Feel good, look good, do good… for yourself and for your community.

What is hormonal imbalance? How can I achieve hormonal balance? How can using mybody skincare help?